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How To Troubleshoot Basic Problems With Your Frymaster Deep Fryer

The Frymaster is a popular commercial deep fryer. It is commonly found in fast-food restaurants; however, it may also be found in any commercial restaurant. Although it is a high-end fryer, it can experience issues after years of use—or improper use. The two most common issue with deep fryers—including the Frymaster—are power and burner related. […]

The New Rules Of Office Coffee Service Etiquette

Many offices these days employ an office coffee service. Standard coffee service provides a technician who will visit on-site in case your coffee machinery needs to be repaired or replaced. Select services provide a full array of coffee and tea products. This means that, generally weekly, a delivery person will stop by and replenish your […]

Is There Any Difference Between Sushi And Sashimi?

You’re probably not alone if you’ve entered a Japanese restaurant and used the terms “sushi” and “sashimi” interchangeably. Although they sound similar in name, there is a difference. Before you go out to DaRuMa Japanese SteakHouse and Sushi Lounge, brush up on your each term to make sure you understand what you’re really ordering! What is […]

Is Cooked Meat Damaging Your DNA?

It may seem completely natural to eat cooked meat: mankind has most likely been eating it since they learned how to create and control fire. However, cooking meat can potentially trigger an increase of carcinogens and cancer-inducing chemicals. Thankfully, there are some alternatives to giving up meat entirely. Read on to learn more about cooked […]