Five Fun Things You Can Do With Flatbread

If you're like most busy working parents, you're often overwhelmed by the end of your work day when it's time to shift gears to parent mode and get something delicious and nutritious on the family dinner table — and perhaps you find yourself going through the drive-through at one of the local fast food joints more often than you'd like. Although fast food is okay as an occasional treat when time is running particularly short, it's not a good option for regular family fare. Fortunately, with a little advance planning and some kitchen creativity, you can provide healthy evening meals without spending an hour or more standing over a hot stove provided that you're stocked up on basic ingredients such as flatbread. 

Flatbread, like that from Klosterman Baking Company, is a great ingredient to have on hand at all times because of its extreme versatility. Here's what you can do using flatbread on those nights when you're exhausted from bringing home the bacon and the hungry hordes need to be fed. 

Flatbread Pizza

Flatbread pizza can be made with such a wide variety of ingredients that as long as you've got the flatbread, you've probably got the makings for a pizza among the contents of your refrigerator and cupboards. Basic flatbread pizza requires tomato or pizza sauce, cheese, and meat and vegetables according to personal preferences. You can made a fabulous Canadian bacon flatbread pizza, for instance, with by spreading tomato or pizza sauce over the flatbread, sprinkling on your choice of cheese, adding a layer of sliced Canadian bacon, and finishing it off with sliced pineapples rings.

You can also create delicious flatbread Mexican pizza by substituting the Canadian bacon for chorizo sausage, using enchilada sauce in place of the tomato or pizza sauce, and substituting the sliced pineapple rings for your choice of chopped chilis. If you've got leftover chicken in the refrigerator, you can make a chicken and garlic pizza by adding some minced garlic. 

Flatbread Pocket Sandwiches

Flatbread is also a great ingredient to have on hand when the time is right for serving simple sandwiches for dinner. Use flat bread in place of hamburger buns to make spiced lamb burgers on the grill on sultry summer evenings, or whip up quick pocket sandwiches containing tuna, chicken, or your choice of  vegetables. If you've got canned refried or black beans, all you need to do is add some grated cheese and a couple of sprinkles of cumin for a quick wrap with a southwestern flavor