How To Keep Your Baked Alaska From Falling Flat On A Hot Day

It takes some serious chef skills to make baked Alaska. Between the ice cream and the hot baked meringue on top, you are constantly trying to keep the ice cream cold and the cake and meringue the perfect consistency. When you really want to wow people at an event or family gathering, baked Alaska is the way to go. There is just one tiny problem that you need to cover, and that is keeping your incredible dessert from melting on a hot summer's day. There are a couple of solutions to this problem.

Wait to Bake and Borrow an Oven

If you are planning on serving baked Alaska to family, you could ask your relative if you can borrow his or her stove to complete the final steps. That way, you only need to take your prepped ingredients to your family event and not the entire finished dessert. Your ice cream would remain cold in a cooler and your dry ingredients would only need to go into a plastic bag to stay fresh.

Preservation via Emergency Ice

It is not always convenient or likely that you can take an unfinished dessert somewhere and finish it with somebody else's oven. In that case, you need to think ahead and get creative with how you are going to get your baked Alaska to its destination. Famous bakeries around the country ship their most perishable treats with emergency ice packed underneath them.

You may also know it as dry ice or block ice. A one-foot by one-foot block of dry ice will keep your baked Alaska from melting and falling flat long enough for you to complete a three-hour drive and then some.

Overnight Shipping

While this certainly would not be the option for everyone, it may be something to consider, especially if you are heading to a hot humid state and it will take you several days to get there by car and/or you cannot carry baked Alaska aboard a plane for six hours.

Utilizing a dry ice shipper, you can ship your dessert overnight to your final destination and request the receiver place it in a freezer immediately. Just be sure that someone on the opposite end is available and at the address to receive it, or all your impressive efforts may be in vain.

The Only Other Alternative

The only other alternative you have for preserving an ice cream dessert like baked Alaska is to not make it at all. Since that probably defeats all of your goals and intentions, it is not really an option at all. Take into account the distance your dessert has to travel and how long it will need to maintain its delicate structure, and then you should be able to choose from one of the above solutions.

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