3 Tips For Enjoying Italian Food While Dieting

Many people love eating Italian food. It is an American favorite, which is why there are so many great Italian restaurants throughout the nation. However, some people worry that Italian food is too unhealthy. Luckily, you can still enjoy Italian food while making healthy choices. Here are 4 ways to enjoy Italian food without expanding your waistline.

1. Opt For Whole Wheat

Italian food is all about the breads. Just because you are trying to eat healthier doesn't mean you have to remove all carbs. Instead replace the simple carbs with complex carbs. Thus is because simple carbs practically convert to sugar once they hit your system. When you get enriched flour they have removed all of the fiber out of the bread. These are the nutrients that you need to feel full, and to lose weight. Thus, avoid white breads and opt for whole grain and whole wheat breads.

You can get whole wheat bread, pasta, and even pizza. Make sure you ask if there are any whole grain options. This will allow you to still enjoy your carbs without any guilt.

2. Use More Olive Oil

There are many different options for sauces when you eat Italian food. One of the most popular is a cheesy sauce, such as an Alfredo sauce. Even though these cheesy sauces may be tasty, they are also very unhealthy. For this reason, you should try using sauces that consist of olive oil and herbs.

Pure olive oil can actually be good for you in controlled amounts. Thus, eating a bowl of pasta tossed in olive oil with some Italian herbs is not anything that you should feel bad about. In addition, you can get pizzas that use olive oil instead of pizza sauce.

3. Try the Anti-Pasta

There are many great Italian dishes that are naturally healthy. For instance, there are some dishes that consist only of lean meat and plenty of vegetables. In most cases these meats and vegetables are roasted or grilled, which can be very healthy for you. So if you are trying to cut out the carbs, even good carbs, don't think you can't enjoy a good Italian dish. Just look at the anti-pasta option and there should be plenty of healthy dishes at the restaurant (like Ynot Pizza) to satisfy your cravings.

By understanding the different options available to you with Italian food, you can enjoy some of your favorite dishes while still sticking to your diet.