Unique Ways To Save Money On Your Wedding Cake

Other than the bride and groom, wedding cakes are the centerpiece of the wedding reception. They showcase the style and personality of the couple. Frugal couples want to have the wedding cake of their dreams without having to spend an arm and a leg for it. Here you can find out which ideas will really help you and which are just myths.

Styrofoam: Saving Money?

Many people suggest that you use Styrofoam layers in your cake to save money. However, this is a myth. The main cost for wedding cakes is the labor and time involved in making them. It is not the cost of the ingredients. A five-layer cake with 2 layers of Styrofoam is going to cost a lot more than a three-layer cake without Styrofoam. You are getting the same amount of cake to serve to your guests, but your budget has taken a hit.

Buttercream or Fondant?

Fondant cakes are becoming more popular, but they are also a lot more labor intensive. More labor means a higher cost. Work with your baker and cake decorator to see if you can get the look that you want while still using the less expensive buttercream frosting.

More is More

Your wedding cake is going to cost a lot more if you have a lot of intricate designs on the decorations. However, there are low-cost decorative ideas that will still make your cake look amazing.

Flowers are an inexpensive way to decorate a wedding cake. Have the baker use the same flowers that are in the bouquet to add color and style to the cake. The flowers can easily be removed when it is time to cut the cake. Your baker might also be able to make sugar-paste flowers for the cake. These won't have to be removed and can be eaten by your guests.

Ribbon is another inexpensive addition to the wedding cake. Some couples choose to have a wedding cake with buttercream frosting and then a fondant ribbon around the edge. This is a great compromise that allows you to maintain the design of the wedding cake without the cost of a full fondant cake.

Save with Shape

You can get more cake for your money by choosing a square cake. Square cakes are easier to cut perfectly for your guests so that everyone is getting the same size piece. You won't have to hire a caterer to cut a square cake for you because you can just assign that job to a trusted family member or friend. Saving you money in more ways than one!