Points To Consider When Selecting A Wedding Catering Service

If you are getting married in the near future, and you plan on having your reception catered by an outside service, there are several points to consider when making your caterer choice. The food served at a wedding reception is usually one of the main highlights and remembered activities. Because of this, you will want to go out of your way to hire a company that offers more than mediocre service. Here are some points to consider when making a selection in an attempt to hire a caterer that will wow your guests with proper food selection and presentation.

Interview All Prospects

Make an initial appointment with each caterer you have interest in. Make sure you hit it off with a caterer on a personal level. If they do not answer a phone call in a timely manner or seem to have a stand-offish presence from the get-go, move on to another service. You need to be able to work with your caterer closely throughout the planning process, so if there seems to be a lack in personality with a catering service, you are better off dealing with another one instead. 

Start With A Budget

When making a decision on a caterer, set a high-end amount you are willing to spend on food and let each caterer in the running know this amount from the first encounter you have with them. A caterer that seems to think your amount is too high or that limits you too much will not be a wise choice. Eliminate them from your list immediately. A catering company with enthusiasm about the event will be able to keep within your designated payment range without making you feel inferior in the process. There are selections in food choices available on a lower end of the cost scale and a good caterer will do their best to adhere to this number while providing exceptional service as they do so.

Host A Tasting Session

A great caterer will allow you to sample their work before you hire them to make it for your wedding guests. Find out if they can make you a sampler platter of some of their favorite appetizers or meal choices. They may invite you to their establishment to taste-test these items. Other caterers will make the samples to have you pick up to enjoy in the comfort of your home with some other "judges". You may need to pay for samples, but many caterers will take this amount off your wedding catering bill if you hire them for the event. If the caterer refuses to make you any samples at all, cross them off your list of prospects.

Ask About Extras

Many caterers are also responsible for the setup of the buffet table or carving station. Find out if they are willing to decorate these areas to go with the theme of your wedding if you provide them with material to spruce up their stations. Find out if the caterer will be providing linens or dinnerware if you are going to be hosting the event in a location where they are not available. Some caterers will provide small fountains, ambient lighting and even calligraphy-written name tags for each of their entrees. A caterer who goes above and beyond with these extras will make your event more memorable. Contact local caterers, like Marians Island Wide Catering, to get started.