Two Tips Designed To Help You Keep Your Ice Maker Working Properly

Your ice maker is one of those household appliances that it is very easy to overlook.  But what happens when you place your cup beneath the spigot and find that no ice comes out?  You may then be forced to pay a hefty repair bill, or even replace the device simply because you failed to properly maintain it.  Use this information to learn more about the simple procedures you should perform so you can keep your ice maker working correctly for as long as possible. Read More 

Eat Yourself Well: Four Healthy Fruits and Vegetables That You Really Must Try

With warm weather coming, you may want to add a few different fruits and vegetables to your family's diet. Depending on where you live and shop, there are many options that you may not have tried that offer delicious flavors in addition to some notable health benefits. Papaya Papaya is something that you may have seen in the grocery store, but passed by. If you haven't tried this deliciously sweet, slightly-tart fruit, than you are missing out on a healthful addition to salads, salsas, and dessert dishes. Read More 

Catering 101: Eliminating Dairy And Gluten From Your Menu

In today's society, there is an increased awareness about gluten and dairy intolerances. As a caterer, you need to know some recipes that can be created without dairy or gluten so you can provide safe, healthy meals for those who have special dietary needs. Here's a few things you can substitute in place of dairy or gluten in your recipes to create safe alternatives.  Going Gluten Free? Try Rice Flour Read More 

Vegetables And Maple Syrup: Two Recipes

Pure maple syrup has a richer, more complex flavor than other sweeteners and is lower on the glycemic index than sugar is. It pairs well not only with the standard pancakes and waffles but also salty and spicy foods. It serves as an excellent complement to salad dressings. Try it in the following vegan, gluten-free recipes. Brussels sprouts and broccoli with maple mustard vinaigrette INGREDIENTS 4 cups Brussels sprouts (shaved or thinly sliced) 4 cups broccoli florets (thinly sliced) 2 Tbsp extra virgin olive oil salt and pepper to taste for the dressing Read More 

Unique Ways To Save Money On Your Wedding Cake

Other than the bride and groom, wedding cakes are the centerpiece of the wedding reception. They showcase the style and personality of the couple. Frugal couples want to have the wedding cake of their dreams without having to spend an arm and a leg for it. Here you can find out which ideas will really help you and which are just myths. Styrofoam: Saving Money? Many people suggest that you use Styrofoam layers in your cake to save money. Read More